Institutional sector is an aggregation of many institutes. These institutes are economic entities that can own asset, incur liabilities and engage with other corporates. We, Sam India, are delighted to share that our expertise in execution and proper structuring has established us as a lead service provider in the construction sector across nation.

SAM India also takes pride that during their journey, they have worked with big private houses, apart from the state/ central government and PSU’s as a result we have constructed various institutional projects such as Hospitals, Airports, Courts, Hostels etc.


The Delhi Metro has been instrumental in ushering in a new era in the sphere of mass urban transportation in India. The swanky and modern Metro system introduced comfortable, air conditioned and eco-friendly services for the first time in India and completely revolutionized the mass transportation scenario not only in the National Capital Region but the entire country.

SAM India is a proud player in contributing their expertise in changing this modern transport system of Delhi NCR and have significantly played a major role in creating the landmarks for Metro Corporation in cities like Mumbai, Lucknow, Kanpur.


In India, most of the demand for power is met thorough coal, however, the country is still facing scarcity of power. According to World Bank report, around 400 million people in India have no access to electricity. To cater to this demand, the government is pushing to move to other renewable sources as the country has immense potential for hydro power generation.

It ranks fifth in term of exploitable hydro-potential globally. And with an aim to help the government to foster unconventional energy, we, SAM India, have broaden our horizon into power sector as well. We have successfully engineered small hydro power projects. Hydro power projects with a station capacity of up to 25 megawatt fall under the category of small hydro power (SHP).


With the large flow of money in the real estate, there is no looking back in this business. Though the sector is growing at a fast pace, we, at Sam India, believe that the sector is still in its infancy and emerging everyday. And with the vision to incorporate innovation, we deploy distinguished engineers, architects and interior designers in any of our project. Apart from this , we are also committed towards timely deliverance of the projects. To us, satisfaction of the customers is of umpteen importance.


Roads and bridges are indispensable to everyone for people movement and goods transportation. A suitable and well-organized network of roads and bridges, intelligently engineered to reduce traffic congestion and accidents, is of prime significance across the world. Sam India has an exceptional focus to provide engineering services on highway and Road And Bridge Engineering and the design of conglomerate structures. Our staff is highly qualified and committed to the development of innovative designs that keeps up with evolution in Road And Bridge Engineering.